About Us

The University Social Responsibility Office is an organizational unit at WUT, responsible for supporting the activities of the university ombudsperson and organizing and providing psychological assistance to the employees, students, and doctoral students of WUT. Additionally, The University Social Responsibility Office is tasked with working on behalf of persons with disabilities, as well as collaborating in the area of the university's social responsibility with the Rector’s Proxy for equal treatment and the Rector’s Proxy for persons with disabilities and for accessibility.

Within The University Social Responsibility Office, there is a psychologists section dedicated to providing immediate psychological support to all members of the university community (students, doctoral students, as well as academic and administrative staff). There is also a section that carries out tasks for persons with disabilities, including those on the autism spectrum.

Office duties:

  1. coordinating or undertaking actions aimed at resolving conflicts, including those arising from undesirable occurrences related to equal treatment, such as harassment and mobbing in the university environment (students, doctoral students, employees).
  2. providing psychological assistance to students, doctoral students, and WUT employees.
  3. handling the allocation of funds from the Solidarity Fund for Persons with Disabilities in collaboration with the WUT Chancellor under the supervision of the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs.
  4. managing the process resulting from reports by individuals signaling violations of the law or wishing to prevent such occurrences.
  5. conducting and co-organizing social campaigns related to issues covered by the Social Responsibility Strategy of WUT, including the prevention of unequal treatment, as well as tasks arising from the Gender Equality Plan;
  6. conducting and co-organizing training for WUT employees and students (in consultation with students and doctoral students’ union as well as trade unions) in the areas covered by the University's Social Responsibility Strategy, including tasks related to preventing unequal treatment, such as harassment or mobbing, and addressing these undesirable phenomena.
  7. organizing consultations and training on issues related to the Social Responsibility of the University for faculties’ staff ombudspersons and Vice-Deans for Student Affairs.
  8. collaborating with trade unions operating at WUT and with social labour inspectors in the field of Social Responsibility of the University.
  9. collaborating with the students’ union and the doctoral students’ union at WUT in counteracting unequal treatment.
  10. collaborating with organizational units at WUT in implementing tasks aimed at preventing unequal treatment at the university.
  11. creating and editing a website with a distinct address in the pw.edu.pl domain dedicated to the tasks of The University Social Responsibility Office.
  12. creating annual reports on the activities carried out and preparing recommendations for actions to counteract undesirable phenomena at WUT.