Studencki Rzecznik Zaufania

University Student Ombudsperson handles contentious matters, including conducting mediations, in cases where the conflicting parties are students.

The competencies and scope of actions undertaken by the University Student Ombudsperson at the Warsaw University of Technology are defined in Regulation No. 28/2022 of the Rector of Warsaw University of Technology on April 5, 2022.

University Student Ombudsperson assists conflicting parties by:

  • facilitating mutual communication,
  • identifying interests and issues for discussion,
  • achieving mutual agreement.

University Student Ombudsperson adheres to principles of:

  • confidentiality,
  • impartiality,
  • neutrality,
  • voluntariness.

The powers of the University Student Ombudsperson include:

  • independence,
  • summoning witnesses,
  • obtaining information from organizational and administrative units of Warsaw University of Technology.

Before a student submits a contentious matter to the University Student Ombudsperson, it is recommended to contact the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs of the relevant Faculty.

A student involved in a conflict can ask the University Staff Ombudsperson to suggest another ombudsperson (including the University Student Ombudsperson) to receive information and conduct mediation in a given case.

The activities of the Student Ombudsperson are overseen by the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs.

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