For students and doctoral students

Our support is aimed at people with locomotor disabilities, the blind and visually impaired, the deaf and hearing impaired, with mental illnesses and disorders, with chronic illnesses, with learning difficulties, with other disabilities. We provide assistance to students with and without a disability certificate (on the basis of medical certificates). We also support students with disabilities on international exchanges.

We provide:

  • assistance when getting to the university and during classes
  • possibility to adapt the didactic process to individual needs resulting from the student's disability
  • assistance in solving individual problems related to studying
  • co-financing of transport related to academic activities
  • sign language interpreter services
  • psychological counselling
  • rooms in Student Dormitories adapted to the needs of persons with mobility impairments
  • systematic adaptation of buildings to the needs of disabled students (e.g. induction loops, ramps, lifts, parking spaces)
  • special scholarship for persons with a disability certificate (a student should apply to the Dean's Office at their faculty)
  • rental of equipment facilitating studying
  • ordering service for digital copies from printed library materials
  • financing individual foreign language and Polish as a foreign language classes
  • a specially adapted computer station in the WUT Main Library with: Window-Eyes PL 7.2 software (screen reader), keyboard with ZoomText overlay (enlarged description), VISIO enlarger, Braille monitor (ruler) SuperVario2 40, special BIGtrack mouse, Tiger Software Suite - a program compatible with the Office package, scanner.