Order a digital copy of the book

Section for People with Disabilities in collaboration with the Main Library WUT is implementing a programme for supporting students with disabilities, involving the creation of digital copies of books, papers, and publications for the needs of students whose health condition prevents them from using traditional printed copies.

To order a book, please fill out „Consent to personal data processing” and submit it to the Section for People with Disabilities. Next, please fill out and submit the borrowing form: https://forms.office.com/r/ggzGZJusLN

Rules for using the programme:

  1. Visually impaired students or with any other disability preventing them from using traditional, ordinarily printed materials may submit individual requests for digital copies of books and articles indispensable for the learning process and included in their study programmes.
  2. To submit a request, please fill out a borrowing form placed on the website of the Section for People with Disabilities WUT and on the website of the Main Library WUT.
  3. The maximum number of borrowed items is five.
  4. Orders will be completed by the Main Library WUT in accordance with the assumed plan (5-10 working days) and will be transferred by e-mail to a student’s e-mail address @pw.edu.pl.
  5. The scanned publications and other digital materials come from the selected/special purpose collection pursuant to the Act of 4 February 1994 – Law on Copyright and Related Rights, Article 33: “It shall be permitted to use the already disseminated works for the benefit of the handicapped, provided that such use is directly related to their handicap, that it is not a profit-gaining activity and that it is proportionate to the nature of the handicap.”
  6. Students will comply with the law to the extent required by the Act of 4 February 1994 – Law on Copyright and Related Rights, specifically:
  •  They will use the borrowed materials only for their own use.
  •  They will not disseminate the borrowed materials.
  • They will neither use them for commercial purposes nor reprint the entire content of the borrowed materials or their fragments.
  • Any misconduct in this regard is a breach of law and will be punished.